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van gaal

Allison Van Gaal-

Associate Director
Allison is a director and actor with a wealth of experience in characterisation, physical theatre and music. Allison has worked with many companies on a variety of different productions and maintains a reputation as an efficient and hard working creative. Allison directed "Year Of The Rooster" and "Circumference Of A Squirrel" and is a member of the Spectrum ensemble. 


About k&R

Knock And Run Theatre
is an award winning theatre company that has garnered a reputation in Newcastle for producing and staging hard hitting, challenging theatrical experiences. We have earned our place as one of the Hunter's most exciting independent companies and we strive to maintain our place in the community by continuing to develop innovative drama, challenging theatre and unique new works. 




Awards &


2019- CONDA- Best Direction (Allison Van Gaal, Circumference Of A Squirrel)- NOMINATED

2019- CONDA- Best Male Actor (James Chapman, Circumference Of A Squirrel)- NOMINATED

2019- Micro Theatre Festival Award- The Bravery Award (What Is About To Happen On The Dance Floor)- WON

2019- Micro Theatre Festival Award- People's Choice (What Is About To Happen On The Dance Floor)- WON

2019- Micro Theatre Festival Award- Best Direction (Amy Morris)- WON

2019- Micro Theatre Festival Awards- Achievement In Acting (James Chapman)- WON

2018-CONDA-Best Dramatic Production (Year Of The Rooster)-NOMINATED
2018-CONDA-Best Direction (Allison Van Gaal, Year Of The Rooster- NOMINATED

2018-CONDA-Best Male Actor (James Chapman, Year Of The Rooster)-NOMINATED
2018-CONDA-Best Female Supporting Actor (Stephanie Priest, Year Of The Rooster)-NOMINATED
2018-CONDA-Best Male Supporting Actor (Matthew L Heys, Ajax In Iraq)- NOMINATED

2018-CONDA- Best Male Actor Under 18 (Will Parker, Year Of The Rooster)- WON 
2018-CONDA- Best Ensemble Acting (Year Of The Rooster)-NOMINATED
2018-CONDA-Best Lighting Design (Lyndon Buckley, Ajax In Iraq)-NOMINATED
2017- CONDA- Best Dramatic Production (Grace)- NOMINATED
2017-CONDA- Best Direction (John Wood, Grace)- NOMINATED
2017- CONDA- Best Male Actor (Mathew Lee, Grace)-

2017-CONDA-Best Female Actor (Samantha Lambert, Grace)
2017- CONDA-Best Sound Design (John Wood, Grace)-NOMINATED
2016- CONDA-Best Dramatic Production (Suicide, Incorporated)- WON
2016-CONDA-Best Direction (Patrick Campbell, Suicide  Incorporated)-NOMINATED
2016-CONDA-Best Lighting Design (Lyndon Buckley, Suicide Incorporated)-NOMINATED


James Chapman- Founder/Artistic Director
James is an actor, director, writer and producer from Newcastle NSW. In 2013 he graduated from RIPA with an Advanced Diploma Of Arts (Acting). James founded Knock And Run Theatre in December 2015 and been Artistic Director ever since. He has appeared on stage in "Suicide, Incorporated", "Grace", "Year Of The Rooster" and "Circumference Of A Squirrel" and directed "Ajax In Iraq".


Patrick Campbell- Associate Director/School Liaison Officer
Patrick is an actor and director with over 30 years experience in theatre. Patrick also serves as the head of HSC marking in NSW and is one of Newcastles most recognisable performers appearing in dozens of productions with multiple companies. Patrick directed both seasons of "Suicide, Incorporated" and has had an active role behind the scenes on nearly every other production. 

Past Knock And Run Artists:
Directors and Assistant Directors:

Patrick Campbell, Zoe Anderson, Jay Wood, Konstanze Koedam, Dez Robertson, Allison Van Gaal, James Chapman, Amy Morris, Hannah Hickey, Stephanie Rochet, Stephanie Priest

James Chapman, Cooper McDonald, Philip Ross, Carl Gregory, Lindsay McDonald, Samantha Lambert, Mathew Lee, Paul Sansom, Tony Gluck, Timothy Blundell, Will Parker, Stephanie Priest, Jan Hunt, Amy Vee, Olivia Jubb, Lachlan Fairhall, Belinda Hodgson, Marissa Saroca, Keltan O'Shea, Alexandra Rose, Troy Bull, Milly Lambert, Matthew L Heys, Roger Ly, Ned Keogh, Stephanie Rochet, Ben Louttit, Bec Kynaston, Tim Turner, Claire Williams, Patrick Campbell, Karen Lantry, Lissy Shand, Zac Smith.

Lyndon Buckley, Eden Bourne, Belinda Hodgson, David Lobb, Angela McKeown, Amy Morris, Riley Walpole.