Knock And Run Theatre is totally thrilled to announce our second major production of 2019: "Circumference Of A Squirrel" by John Walch.

From the team that brought you "Year Of The Rooster" and "Suicide, Incorporated" comes a heart warming and darkly funny show.

"An inner-tube, a bagel, a donut, a lifesaver, a holiday wreath, a tire-swing, a cycle of abuse, a halo of hatred: circles, both real and figurative, whirl out of control in this darkly comic one-man show. And at the center of them all sits an enigmatic squirrel. Orbiting that squirrel is Chester, a self-described rodentophobe who spins the outlandish, funny, and bruising tale of growing up with a father who developed a rabid hatred for squirrels -- a hatred that eventually infected every aspect of his and his son's life. Pursued by memories of his intolerant father and the legacy of bigotry, Chester is pulled into the black hole at the center of his own life where he encounters the mistakes, the fears, the guilt, and the humanity that make him whole again"

Written by John Walch

Knock And Run Theatre is thrilled to announce the return season of our premier production: "Suicide, Incorporated" by Andrew Hinderaker. 
"Suicide Inc" was originally staged by Knock And Run in 2016 to rave reviews by critics and audiences. The production went on to win the CONDA award for Best Dramatic Production at the 2016 CONDA awards. 

Knock And Run is thrilled to be partnering with Newcastle Theatre Company to bring Suicide, Inc back to Newcastle audiences as part of their "Indie Week" series. Knock And Run is also taking the show on the road and touring SI to a number of towns in Regional NSW where male suicide is a major problem. 

The original cast and crew will return to tell this challenging and important story.

Directed by Patrick Campbell
Assisted by Zoe Anderson

James Chapman
Phillip Ross
Carl Gregory
Ned Keogh
Cooper McDonald. 

Colour, gender, visible light, politics, sexuality, autism, emotion... Human beings view life via a series of Spectrums. But what happens when we start to look beyond these scopes and panoramas?


K&R and Bearfoot will work with an ensemble of talented artists to devise an intimate and unique piece of theatre that explores the way we look at the world. Poetry, visual media, music, verbatim text, light and sound will all be in play as our Momentum team creates an exploration of what it means to be human.

"It's time to fucking dance!" 

What Is About To Happen On The Dance Floor

by James Chapman
Directed by Amy Morris

With Roger Ly, Stephanie Rochet and James Chapman

Part of Micro Theatre Festival
Venue: Birdy's Cafe

Week 1:

Thursday 23 May

Friday 24 May
Saturday 25 May

Week 2:

Thursday 30 May

Friday 31 May

Saturday 1 June

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